Gourmet Popcorn CartOur most popular catering option is the gourmet popcorn bar with freshly popped corn! Depending on the event, we can either make the popcorn fresh on site or pop it right before being delivered directly to your location.

Your guests will be able to grab a bag and make their own unique mix. Choose from an array of our delicious homemade flavors and select either an upscale set up with glass bowls and popcorn cartons or a more rustic theme with basket barrels and brown paper bags. A professional server as well as set-up, clean-up, tables and linens are included with our full service options.

We recommend pairing our gourmet popcorn with a delicious drink. Our drink choices consist of: lemonade, iced tea, chai tea, hot cider, hot chocolate, smoothies and milkshakes. Contact us directly to learn more about our catering prices and availability!